Tournament Updates




15-18 April at the George Alder Tennis Centre 9 Ernest Street, Leichhardt, Ipswich.

The Draws may be viewed on the ITF IPIN site  The alpha schedule may be viewed by clicking on the digital clock on the left hand side of this page

REMEMBER to bring your Confirmation of your Screening and Self-Declaration with you the first time you arrive at the courts either in hardcopy or on your phone. Please also make sure any persons accompanying you supply their copy of the declaration also.

At the COVID check-in desk your temperature will be taken with an infrared non contact thermometer, you will be required to answer a number of questions and also check-in in the Queensland Government QR code using your phone.

The weather forecast for the tournament is fine partly cloudy 27-30 during the day 14-16 overnight. There will be a coffee van in the carpark every morning from 7.30am and catering will be provided in the clubhouse.

TSQ look forward to seeing you all during the event.

Gail Bates
0409 639 124