Hay Tennis

2017 Open & Junior Tennis Tournament

Friday October 6   (afternoon and evening)  
Saturday October 7
 &  Sunday October 8

Online Entries only


Bronze AMT Events - Tuesday Sep 26

All Other Events - MONDAY OCTOBER 2


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1st Event


If  you are entering AMT Events 
1  Open Mens Singles   
2. Open Ladies Singles          
3. Open Mens Doubles           
4. Open Womens Doubles      

You must enter online and pay for these events separately at                       http://www.tournaments.tennis.com.au  

** The Open AMT Mens & Womens Singles has no qualifying and will just be a main draw with an optional onsite signup for a consolation.

may enter in a maximum of 5 events*
* Open AMT Singles will count as two events as these events include an optional
onsite signup consolation. Players who sign for the Open Consolation Singles cannot play any other graded singles.
Events listed as U14, U16 refer to 14 & under, 16 & under etc.

Partner (if Doubles)



2nd Event  

Partner (if Doubles)



3rd Event  

Partner (if Doubles)



4th Event  

Partner (if Doubles)



5th Event  

Partner (if doubles)


AR events





Time of arrival







* In addition to the above events, indicate below your intentions regarding
the Australian Ranking events. Online entry for these events is via the TA website 

  I AM NOT entering any of the Open AMT events
I WILL BE entering my AR events via the TA website soon
I HAVE ALREADY entered my AR events via the TA website

Time of arrival
Play commences from noon Friday* , 8am Saturday and  8 am Sunday.
* The actual start time on Friday will be announced once the entries have closed.

Players Time of Arrival will limit the number of events they can enter above
* Available to play Friday - 5 events.
* Available from 8 am Saturday - 4 events
* Available from 9am Saturday - 3 events


Time available for first match




Special requests - exemptions etc.  

Payment Method




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