June 29 2020


Hay Services+ Fitness Centre and Wooloondool Major Tennis Sponsors


The Tennis club is pleased to announce these are its  major gold sponsors for the 2020/21 year. Auscott a proud sponsor and supporter for many years continue to support the Club as a silver/bronze sponsor.

The Club has also been fortunate enough in these tough financial times to again secure a number of its ordinary sponsors and this has been really appreciated.  

Due to the Covid virus Tennis Nsw has given a three month extension to pay the affiliation and insurance fees to help assist Clubs with loss of income due to the period of limited tennis and no kiosk operating.

Tennis NSW still require the monitoring of court hire.


This weeks singles and doubles will be the last before a break of three weeks.

Last weeks round 9 singles results were the closest with nearly all matches drawn at one set each.  Exact draws with games were Dan Jamieson 2/4 4/2 against Jacqui Hargreaves, Nick Maynard 4/3 3/4 against Immy Molloy and Katie Howard 4/2 2/4 against Sila

Rain washed out Monday Mens and womens doubles play.



Some junior match play orange and green ball will be organised during the holidays with more details to follow.


The new UTR Super Series types of tourneys will hold its first in the region on 19th July at Temora and 26th July at Griffith



Thank you again to Foodworks, AgFlite and Crightons Rural Engineering who are again sponsoring the weekly awards this year- this weeks going to Tracy and Paul Newnham, and the Hargreaves boys assisting Bede selling the clubs wood raffle tickets on the weekend.



June 22


                         Tennis competitions still Running


Normally around this time of the year night competitions have their winter break however with limited tennis over the last two months due to the Covid conditions night tennis continues while the interest is there.


Singles winners round 8 Wednesday night were – Lou Gardam, Kate Murphy, Peter Head, Jensen Hargreaves, Alex Haidy, Jake Murphy and Immy Molloy.

Mens doubles Monday night were Bidgee Bobcat and Demo team of Lani Houston and Daniel Stewart beat O’Briens Fertilisers 4/1 4/1 4/1 , and 92 Computing of Steve Longworth and Jensen Hargreaves beat Slats Fireworks 4/1 4/2 2/4  while in womens doubles matches Auscott (Ellie Jamieson and Bronwyn Hicks ) defeated Lugsdin Toyota 4/3 4/0 2/2 , Hay Newsagency ( Jan Zambon and Lou Gardam) beat XTra Shot 4/0 1/4  4/0 , Japps Pharmacy ( Kate and Sophie Stephens) beat Hay Services and Fitness Centre  4/3 4/3  and IGA ( Elle And Hannah Jamieson ) won 4/1 4/1 4/3 over Murphys Clothing Store


The weekly juniors Monday arvo for orange and green ball match play will now be held at 5pm each week for one hour. ( no longer a 4pm start)


Well done to the Hay contingent of four players beating the Deniliquin foursome in a comfortable victory last week with the Hay team now scheduled to go to Deniliquin for the next clash. Tom Porter was in good form.

 Details of our annual Open/Junior tournament this  year scheduled for weekend of 14th November can be found on the web site with an entry form available.

Membership discounts for the new financial year are available up to 30th June


The AgFlite, Foodworks and Crightons Rural weekly award go to Kate Murphy Singles play, and Sophie and Kate Stephens doubles play.


June 15

                                                                                                                  Successful financial Tennis year


The Hay Tennis Club despite the corona virus restrictions still managed a good financial year thanks to all the wonderful support it receives from the committee, volunteers, sponsors, players and tennis activities. Memberships now are being sought for the new financial year with discounts offered for payment by JUNE 30. Membership details can be obtained from the website or obtained at the clubhouse.


Night comps

Singles Wednesday round 7 winners were Geoff Chapman, Jake Murphy, Daniel Zambon, Nick Maynard and Jensen, Kenny and Hilton Hargreaves. Singles will continue while the interest is there. Similarly, doubles will continue Monday nights pending the cold weather. Three matches were contested on the Public Holiday with womens doubles winners being  the Japps Pharmacy team of Kate and Sophie Stephens 4/1 4/2 against Wooloondool  and Hay Services and Fitness Club team of Julie Lawrence and Caz Barnett 4/1 4/1 2/4 while in the mens 92Computing Steve Longworth and Geoff Chapman won 4/1 4/1 4/2 against the O”Briens Fertilisers team.

All night matches are now being contested at either 5 pm or 6pm timeslots with maximum play for one hour with two or three sets first to 4 games.



Junior activities will continue each Monday from 4pm to 5pm for orange and green ball match play. Maximum players participation is 10 players per supervisor. Only three attended the public Holiday play with Alex Giddins going well.


Weekly Awards

The Crightons Rural, Foodworks and AgFlyte awards this week go to volunteers Tom Porter, Paul Newnham and Geoff Chapman for their wonderful work on the courts maintenance over the weekend and getting the wood ready for the raffle.


June 8


 New Open Tennis Tourney date Suggestion


The Annual Open Tennis Tourney date has been rescheduled to the weekend of the 14th November away now from the normal school holiday weekend in the Sept /Oct period. Hopefully this will give extra time for virus issues to be settled.


Three doubles matches were completed last week with another three abandoned mainly due to the weather.

Japps Pharmacy (Sophie and Heidi Stephens) beat Hay Newsagency 4/0 4/2 4/1. Auscott(Ellie Jamieson and Bronny Hicks) beat Murphys Clothing Store 4/1 4/1 4/1 and XTra Shot ( Jacqui and Hilton Hargreaves beat North East Insurance 4/1 4/0. Another three matches (womens and mens) for those who were available were scheduled on the Monday Public Holiday.

Round 6 Singles winners were Lou Gardam, Amelia and Eliza Maynard, Jensen Hargreaves, Zanda Haidy, Geoff Chapman, Xavier Molloy, Anthony Slattery, Brad Callaghan and Daniel Zambon

Two or three weeks of play remain before our winter break which under normal circumstances would have commenced early June.


Junior match play continues at 4pm Mondays for green and orange ball players. Sunday morning group activities (if allowed) will start in August. Meanwhile our available coaches are allowed to do private coaching with up to three juniors on court.


Annual tennis memberships will be issued shortly.


Weekly Awards

The AgFlite award goes to Daniel Zambon who again played two singles matches to assist the draw. The Crightons Rural Award goes to Jacqui Hargreaves for her play in both the singles and Doubles competitions. The Foodworks award goes to Nick Maynard who has been doing well in his singles , and having a good tussell against the strong play of Anthony Slattery.


June 1


Tennis Doubles Started


The long awaited tennis doubles competition matches both men and women have commenced, now that four persons are allowed on court.

All doubles matches are being held on Monday nights (both men and women) with early matches commencing from 5pm and going for one hour maximum. Singles matches catering for men and women of all grades continues on Wednesdays with 22 participating but can accept further entries now that all courts are allowed to be used. Round 6 will be played this week.

Toilets are now allowed open but the kiosk remains closed. Social distancing is a must.

Two doubles matches commenced proceedings last week with the Auscott team of Ellie Jamieson and Bronny Hicks winning 4/0 4/3 4/2 against the Hay Services and Fitness team. The other match went to the Lugsdin Toyota  team of Trish and Dan Jamieson 4/2 4/3 against the Japps Pharmacy team. A total of ten teams are now playing womens doubles with five mens teams so far entered for the mens competition.  All details are shown on the web site.


Annual sponsorships in various categories are being sought if anyone is interested.



 A great start was made to the juniors orange and green ball matches last week. Players to shine were Hannah and Dan Jamieson, Dillon and Daniel Green , Tilly Weeks and Charli Giddins. This will continue each Monday from 4pm to 5pm.

Sunday morning group fun and coaching activities will start hopefully soon when clarification from Tennis NSW is received.

 Meanwhile Stuart and Kenny continue with private coaching individually or groups of up to three.  


Weekly Awards

Dan Jamieson gets the Foodworks award for good play in both juniors and adult play last week. Beth Schiller top effort in both singles and doubles play gets the Crightons Rural award. Bronny Hicks and Ellie Jamieson get the AgFlite award for their strong doubles play


May 25


More Options for Tennis


The Hay Club is currently conducting wed night singles for men and women of all grades. It is now holding a Monday night doubles as well as juniors matches on Monday afternoon.


Last weeks singles winners were Beth Schiller, Jake Murphy, Lou Gardam, Geoff Chapman, Herbie Maynard. Kenny, Jensen and Hilton Hargreaves. The closest match win was to Daniel Zambon over Lani Houston 4/1 2/4. Round 5 is scheduled this week with a number requiring byes.


Junior tennis for singles and doubles match play is scheduled between 4pm and 5pm Mondays followed by Womens doubles at 5pm to finish at 6pm. At present the kiosk, clubhouse and toilets are to remain closed.  


Weekly awards

Andrew Davies and Warren Hunt get this weeks Foodworks and AgFlite awards for their hours of time spent on the courts grounds work. Lani Houston gets the Crightons Rural award for the amount of time she spends  in doing the administration work in grants and other matters for Tennis NSW etc.


May 18

                                                                                                                     Tennis Doubles now allowed


Tennis NSW in conjunction with Government regulations is now allowing a maximum of 4 persons on each court.

On this information the Hay Club will endeavour to run a Monday Night Womens Competition and a junior competition also on Monday afternoon beginning 25th May to go for four weeks.

All matches will have a duration of 50 mins to one hour with match times to start at 4pm (juniors) and womens 5pm. 5.30pm or 6pm at the latest.

All sets will be the first to 4 games. There is strictly to be no congregation, no opening of clubhouse and no kiosk.

This new competition will replace the previous womens night competition now abandoned.




The Wednesday night singles competition is proving a success catering for both male and female of all grades all keen for some exercise. However, the competition can now accept more entries as all courts can now be used instead of just 4 courts which limited entries.

Jake Murphy continues his unbeaten run with a tight 4/3 4/3 win against the experienced Geoff Chapman.  Another good narrow win was Eliza Maynard defeating Jacqui Hargreaves 4/3 4/2 and a very high standard match saw Jensen Hargreaves beat Herbie Maynard 4/3 (tiebreaker 8/6) 4/1. The full results are detailed on the web.



The juniors competition will cater for orange and green ball players and will entail doubles and singles depending on entries received.  Coaching can now entail three juniors and the coach on court together.


Weekly Award

The Foodworks award goes to Jake Murphy for his singles achievements really getting back into tennis. The AgFlite award goes to Skye Lilburne currently home from Boarding School and playing quite well.

Bede Schiller gets the Crightons Rural award for his behind the scenes interest, maintenance and chores around the tennis complex.


May 11


   Good start to Tennis singles competition



Ten matches were held in the clubs new format singles competition night with special conditions in accordance with Tennis NSW and Government guidelines.

All the matches were of a high standard across all grades, with the closest match wins to Lani Houston and Jake Murphy against Mark O,Brien and Daniel Zambon. Matches entail two or three first to 4 game sets with a duration of 50 mins to one hour. All results are listed on the club web.

The Monday night competition will not proceed due to lack of entries instead those who entered will now join the Wednesday night group.

The Club can only operate four courts spread across the complex not only for competition but also for social hitting and coaching with strictly only two persons allowed on each of the four courts.

There is no opening of clubhouse and no kiosk.


All court hire fees will go back to normal rates this week for members and non members – court hire having been the only source of club income in the last two months.


Weekly Awards


The Foodworks award goes to Lou Gardam and the green pass group for their organisation  and participation each week. The AgFlite and Crightons Rural awards go to sisters Amelia and Eliza Maynard for their top attitude in their competition singles contest.




5 May


    Tennis competition starts with a washout


The nice rains Hay received on Wednesday prevented the opening singles competition round being played.

The draw is likely to be the same for Wed 6th but players should check the web on the day to confirm their time. Three additional players can be added to make up the maximum allowable players to participate with early matches from 5pm to the latest ones scheduled to start at 7.30.

Meanwhile the Monday night singles competition has been delayed a week as only two entries had been received up to last Sunday night.


Weekly Awards

Steve Longworth and Samantha Davies receive this weeks AgFlite award for their top efforts in continually updating the Tennis Website information.

The Foodworks award go to our coaches Stuart Callaghan, Kenny Hargreaves and Immy Molloy who have busy under limited conditions on the one on one coaching in this difficult time.

The Crightons Rural Award goes to Anthony Slattery for his enthusiasm in kick starting a singles competition allowable resulting in a near full house on Wednesdays being played with strict conditions.


  27 April

                                                                                                                   Tennis Singles competition


A tennis social singles competition will  be played on Wednesday nights commencing this week 29th April –with the one on one guidelines and strict conditions allowed by Tennis NSW and the NSW Govt.  

The one on one court hire hitting and coaching is working well at the moment.

Comp fees will be collected on the Club verandah or can be paid online- there will be no opening of clubhouse or kiosk operating.

There will be staggered starting times with a maximum four courts available spread over the complex.

The schedule will be 2 matches at 5.30, 2matches at 6pm, 2 matches at 6.30, 2 matches at 7 and if entries permit another two at 7.30. This will entail no congregation of players with all matches on a strict timetable of no more than one hours play.

Matches will be two sets first to 4 games each .

Already as of Sunday night the maximum allowable entries quota had nearly been reached due to the information having been sent to all the previous Wed comp players.

Should there be enough interest, a Monday Night womens comp in various grades can also  be played with entries required now.

All details will be updated on the clubs web this week.



 20 April

                                                                                                                  One on one tennis only allowed with conditions


Players are reminded that tennis hitting or coaching is currently allowed for one on one a maximum two players per court.  This also entails every second court so the Hay courts can only use a maximum of four courts and this includes the brick practice wall to be used at the same time.

These are the current Tennis NSW and Govt. conditions and guidelines at the moment which the Club must follow otherwise it could be shut down. Not all tennis Clubs are open at present.

No other people are allowed on court.

Court hire is free for green pass members and special rates at the moment are for members to share $10 and non-members to share $16

Those being coached are to pay their coaching fees, use of courts as well as lights to the coach. The clubhouse is not being opened and will remain closed until restrictions are lifted.


There are a number of other conditions with all bookings for monitoring purposes to be made to Tony Callaghan 0419571292


Thank you for your understanding and play safe and enjoy.


13 April


Maximum two persons per tennis court still allowed


Tennis hitting or coaching with a maximum two persons per court is currently still allowed and is in force at the Hay Tennis Club.  This has fully been utilised in the last week.

 Only a maximum of four courts can be used at the one time with play to be held on every second court in accordance with Tennis NSW conditions.


For monitoring – all participants need to contact Tony Callaghan 0419571292


6 April


One on One Tennis allowed


Revised advice from the NSW Office of Sport in conjunction with Govt. Public Health orders and Tennis NSW now allows tennis courts to be used for one on one coaching and court hire.

This is for the purpose of exercise, health and wellbeing but strict rules , guidelines and conditions need to be adhered to, otherwise the courts will need to be closed.

All tennis Club green pass members and coaches have been advised of the one on one usage and have been advised on a number of conditions that must be adhered to.


Other persons wishing to hire the courts must contact Tony Callaghan 0419571292 for arrangements and coordination of hire to be made.



30 March



Tennis Courts Closed 



The Hay Tennis courts are now closed in accordance with Tennis NSW guidelines and Government directions.  There is to be absolutely no hitting on any court.


Even before this advice the Club had suspended its night competitions and Sunday juniors activities.


Only the Monday night womens competition round was held over a week ago with modified conditions in process.  Competitions had reached the semi  finals  stage in womens, mens and mixed competitions.


In reporting the last competition round in the womens- winners were in the A/B grade  Bidgee Bobcat and Demo and Auscott with good play to Indyanna Wilson, Lani Houston, Bronwyn Hicks and Elle Jamieson.

In the B Res/C group wins went to Hydes Plumbing,  Anthony Slattery Fireworks, Northwest  Insurance, Pynors Accountants, and Bidgee Motor Inn with nice shots  to Kirsten Hutchings, Karinda Deaton, Angel Radcliffe, and Hannah Jamieson


23 March


Night Tennis Results


The Wednesday night men’s tennis competition had a good number of substitutes replacing sick, injured and players who were away.

All teams are to be congratulated on their organising with play spread across all courts.

The clash of the unbeaten teams was a great match and a win to the Hargreaves brothers Xtra Shot team against Radio2HayFm 6/1 6/5. Four of the other matches were so close resulting in one set each. Some good play was noted by Herbie Maynard, Heidi Stephens, Shayne Kennedy, Bill and George Auldist as well as Sophie Curtis


The Monday night competition gained an additional two teams. Both these teams AgFlite and North East Insurance has close matches with one set each results to Xtra Shot and Riverine Grazier teams in the B Res/ C grade group. A 6/1 1/6 drawn result was also played between the Hay Services and Fitness Centres Tania and Matilda Nisbet against the Hay Newsagency team of Anna Lilburne and Sue Parslow with the other win in this grade to Pynors Accountants.

In the A/B grade group Leonie Booth came in as a handy substitute in the Eddie’s Concreting team partnering Ann Mc Nally to win 6/3 6/2 against the Bidgee Bobcat and Demo team. Auscott continue to lead the grade by one point with its win against Lugsdin Toyota.   


Friday night mixed saw two matches played with Foodworks winning 6/5 6/0 against Massey Ferguson and Wooloondool beating Auscott 6/3 6/4.

Best on court were Indie Maree Edwards, Katie Deaton and Dean Lees



Another pleasant morning saw 20 youngsters participating over the two sessions with 4 courts involved. Certain fin activities as well as orange and green ball competition were organised to suit the current situation.


The annual hay junior tourney scheduled next month has been cancelled



16 March


Night Competition Tennis Results



The Night Tennis Competitions are on the homeward stretch with reports as follows


Fri Mixed

The two matches scheduled for last week were called off due to the rain


Mon Womens

The Auscott team of Bronwyn Hicks and Elle Jamieson lead the A/B grade by one point following its 6/3 6/3 win over Murphy’s Clothing. Eddies Concreting closely follow after its strong win over Lugsdin Toyota. Japps Pharmacy continue to lead the B Res/ C grade with its 6/3 6/3 win against the Riverine Grazier team. The match of the night also in this grade was the Pynors Accountants team of Trish and Hannah Jamieson having a narrow 6/5 6/2 win over XTra -Shot


Wednesday Mens

Six good matches were contested following last weeks washout round.

The match of the week was the Woodpark Poll team of Warren Hunt partnering Kate Murphy having a 6/5 6/1 win against Brett and Hilton Hargreaves Crightons Engineering team Other winners were Radio 2Hay FM , XTRa - Shot, Slats Fireworks, OBriens Fertilisers as well as the very good and close win of Hay Jewellers ( Lloyd Schultz and Greg Stewart ) 5/6 6/4 against Bunyan’s Plumbing.



A good turn up of juniors attended Sunday activities. In the 9am session some nice hits were made by Uzair Shazad, Sally Dwyer, Billy snd Harry Houston. In the 10 am group Hannah Jamieson  was moving well in green ball comp with Jimmy and Archie Houston also in great form. The Orange ball group saw some good rallies to Rahi Patel and Ashton Green.

Good luck to our very popular coach Imogen Molloy who has moved to Melbourne to attend University ( see photos for Grazier)


The annual Hay junior tourney is scheduled for Sunday 5th April.

A meeting will be held after tennis on Sunday to see if the tourney is proceeding in light of the current situation with tennis Nsw directions.


Weekly Awards

The Foodworks  AgFlite and Crightons. Awards go to Immy Molloy who has been a big asset to Hay Tennis Coaching  with her pupils sure to miss her She will return in school holidays to continue with her passion for coaching



9 March


First ever Deniliquin Juniors Tennis Tourney a huge success



Over 60 players participated in Deniliquin’s first junior tennis tournament on Sunday with Hay providing a contingent of 15 youngsters. The number of entries was huge with only the annual Wagga tournament matching the 60. In recent years the usual entry has been around 30 players at these tournaments across the south west NSW.

Hay managed some winners, ( Tilly Weeks, Hilton Hargreaves and Dallas Giddins)also runners up and semi finalist’s but  everyone had a good day, giving it a go and enjoying  the atmosphere and experience.

The next junior tourney is Henty on the 23rd Mar with Hay hosting its tourney on 5th April


Sunday morning activities will be back on the weekend


Night Competitions


The Friday night mixed competition got underway last week with one match played and a few byes. A good result went to Dean and Del Lees 5/6 6/3 against Katie Deaton and Josh Wilson with good improvement as the match progressed as most were playing their first tennis.


The pick of last week’s Monday night women’s was the Riverine Grazier (Tertia Butcher and Margie McCleland ) 6/3 6/5 win against the Hay Services and Fitness team of Matilda and Tania Nisbet .

In A grade the match of the night was the 6/1 1/6 draw of Bidgee Bobcat and Demo (Lani Houston /Indyanna Wilson) against Lugsdin Toyota ( Harriet and Anabelle Lugsdin)

Other wins on the night went to Bidgee Motor Inn, Eddies Concreting, XTRA Shot, Japps Pharmacy and Pynors Accountants.


Wednesday men’s was called off due to the welcoming rain.


Weekly Awards

The Foodworks, Crighton Rural and AgFlite awards go to the 15 Hay youngsters playing the Deniliquin junior tourney on their magnificent grass courts and some playing their first tourney.





24 February 2020


                          Hay gain two selections in Riverina tennis


Hay Tennis Club Juniors Hilton Hargreaves (Hay Public School) and Lucy Davies (South Wagga Public School) both were selected to play in the Riverina boys and girls teams in the state championships to be held later in Newcastle. Both continued their good form at the trials held in Griffith last Thursday.


We have 17 players who have confirmed their entry to the Deniliquin Tourney to be played this coming Sunday 8th March.  A nice response in supporting the first ever Deniliquin tourney.  We need to finalise entries and transport by wed 4th.  Events start from 8 yrs orange ball, 10s green ball as well as 12s,14s, and 16s normal ball.


Sunday morning tennis had another good roll up with some nice shots in the 9am group to Rahi Patel and Jorja Townsend with the 11am session good play to Ollie Liddington and Dan Jamieson.

There will be no play this week due to the Deniliquin tourney


Night competitions

The match of the night in A grade Womens was the Auscott teams (Bronwyn Hicks and Elle Jamieson) win 6/3 6/4 win against Eddies Concreting, while B grade saw a marathon 6/5 5/6 tussle between Pynors Accountants and IGA


The Mens night closest match was Meggs Grain Handlers (Shayne Kennedy and Indyanna Wilson) 6/2 4/6 win against Woodpark Poll and Crightons Engineers had a similar scoreline win against the Auskick team


Hopefully the Mixed competition will be underway this week with one more team still welcomed to enter. 


Weekly Awards

The Foodworks and Crightons Rural awards go to Lucy Davies and Hilton Hargreaves being selected in the Riverina primary school teams for the State competition, while the AgFlite award goes to Grace McLean, Charli Giddins and Dan Jamieson who won participation to try out for the Riverina teams.


 24 February 2020

                                     Pleasant Start to Night Tennis


Night Tennis competitions commenced last week with reports as follows


Monday Women

A nice start was made with only three matches played in the hot conditions. Fourteen teams are now completing over two combined grades. The A grade match was an exciting draw 6/4 4/6 match between Auscott ( Bronny Hicks and Elle Jamieson ) against the Bidgee Bobcat and Demo team of Indyanna Wilson and Immy Molloy. The B Res match saw the Hydes Plumbing team of Kirsten and Max Hutchings come home strongly against the IGA team 6/4 6/1. The other match saw a strong win to the scratch pair team of Caz Barnett and Cas Tidey against XTra Shot


Wednesday Mens

A fantastic start was made with six matches scheduled with a number of players competing for the first time. Teams also include a number of women and juniors making it a good mix.

Dean Aylett making his debut for Bunyans Plumbing pairing with the improved Daniel Stewart had a 5/6 6/2 win over the Auskick team. 

Max and Jack Perrignon made a successful return to the courts for Elders having a 6/1 6/4 win against the Hay Jewellers with Lloyd Schultz going from strength to strength in his first match. Shayne Kennedy displayed his allround sporting ability for Meggs Grain Handlers playing his first match narrowly going down 6/4 6/1 against the tough father /son Brett and Hilton Hargreaves  Crightons Engineering.


Tennis Australia is running a coaching foundation day in Hay on March 15th for those interested in keeping up to date with the latest coaching trends. Enquiries to Lani now before registrations close.



A great start comprising 30 players over two sessions was made on Sunday morning. Dallas Giddins and Rachel Taylor were voted the most consistent in the 9am session. The 10am session included the competition replacing the Wed Arvo competition with 11 players competing with winners Jonty Woods and Lucy Davies. Sunday morning continues on the weekend with players to check the schedule of the dates of play. 


The proposed Deniliquin juniors match in Hay this Saturday morning Feb 29 th may not proceed as Deniliquin have been given the approval this year to run a junior tourney the following Sunday Mar 8th.

Hays tournament is on April 5th and hoping to get a good response from Deniliquin players to participate.  


Entries for the Deniliquin tournament close tues 3rd Feb (next week) – please confirm with Stuart or Tony and advise transport if required. At least 30 players are of sufficient standard to compete.

  17 February 2020


                                      Tennis Competitions Underway



The Night Tennis Competitions begins this week with a good entry for mens on Wednesday night but not many for Monday Womens and Friday Night mixed with further entries welcomed across all nights. Entry lists and draw details are available on the website.




For the first time Hay players gained four selections in the Western Riverina public school tennis squad following the annual trials at Deniliquin. These students were Dan Jamieson, Hilton Hargreaves and Charli Giddins from the Hay Public School and Grace McLean from the Booligal Public School. This squad will now join the Eastern Riverina squad in Griffith next week for the Riverina team selections. Lucy Davies who attends school in Wagga is in the Eastern squad. Last year Jimmy Houston won selection for the Griffith tryouts.

Meanwhile Tilly Weeks from St Marys won selection to represent the Wilcania –Forbes Diocesan team to make the very long trek to Lismore for the Polding Area tennis titles – pending weather conditions in Lismore.


  The Wednesday junior singles and doubles competition will now commence next week hopefully to get more entries.


  Sunday Morning sessions commence on the weekend Sunday Feb 23rd the first session at 9am. New players who attend school and have turned 5 yrs of age are welcome to attend this group.


Deniliquin will bring a team of 14 players to play a hay team on Saturday Morning 29th Feb. with all finalising enquiries to Stuart Callaghan. Deniliquin also will host its inaugural development tournament on Sun 8th March, with Hays junior tourney this year on 5th April.


 10 February 2020


Night Tennis Entries close this week


Entries for the Night tennis competitions will close this week . The draw for the womens night competition commencing Monday night 17th Feb should appear on the website on that day.

Mens will commence Wed  19th  and mixed Fri 21st. Players are asked to check the website details of players entry lists received  to date  if they are listed and not missed.


Good luck to Anthony Slattery and others who are flying the Hay flag at the Victorian Country teams titles being held in Wodonga this year. This is an extremely popular event both on and off the court for the week with 1500 players competing on 100 courts  at the magnificent Wodonga Tennis Centres natural grass courts as well as neighbouring footy fields converted into tennis courts.


Tennis Australia will run a free Foundation Coaching Course in Hay Sunday 15th March from 9am.  This is a wonderful opportunity to refresh the latest ideas and drills for tennis coaching also targeted to juniors 14yrs and upwards as well as teachers and parents who help out with classes and holiday camps as well as school activities.  Those interested must register by Feb 24th and  further enquiries can be made with Lani  Houston.




The long awaited Sunday morning fun activities will get underway this year on Feb 23rd at the session times 9am for school students Kinder to school year 3 or 4, and 10am for school year 3 or 4 to High School students. Players competing in the 9am group must be attending school. Activ Kids vouchers can be used for membership and weekly fees.


Unfortunately the Wagga Junior touney on Sunday  was called off due to the rain after receiving a good entry of 65  players. Four Hay players had entered. The full list of the South West Development tourneys for 2020  can now be found on the clubs website.


Another Hay  plays Deniliquin junior match is planned this time Deniliquins turn to travel to Hay on Saturday 29th . Stu Callaghan will likely  pick a team of only 14 players to accommodate our 7 courts playable (no clay court play). Hay won the trophy at the  inaugural match played last December.



Weekly Awards

The Foodworks, AgFlite and Crightons Rural awards this week go to Lani Houston and Anthony Slattery for their organisations towards A Coaching Foundation School in Hay and Hay entering a team in the Victorian Country titles.


3 February 2020



Night tennis competitions


All night competitions will commence from 17th Feb - womens Mondays, Mens Wednesday and mixed Fridays Players can enter individually requesting a partner or they can enter with a partner as a team.

The competitions will cater for all standards and are expected to run for 6 weeks up to Easter.

Entries received to date will be displayed on the clubs website this week.



A junior singles and doubles in various grades will also be held on Wednesdays.

Nominations will close next week.

Sunday morning fun activities will commence later in the month.

The first junior development tourney of the year for the Riverina is on this Sunday 9th feb in Wagga.



27 January 2020


New night competitions


Entries for all the night competitions

Womens, Men’s and Mixed will be taken from next week for play  to commence after school resumes Competitions duration is expected to be about 5 weeks.


Meanwhile this week is the last of the holiday camps with a special camp also to be conducted for high school beginners with enquiries to Delilah Crighton and Stu Callaghan


 20 Jan


Mixed tennis final


The final of the popular Friday night Mixed competition was recently held with the Arandt team of Katie Arandt and Jensen Hargreaves winning against the High School Green team of Delilah Crighton and Ferg Cattanach winning 9 games to 5

This was a very pleasant competition involving 17 teams of various standards.

A further Friday night mixed competition is planned to start in February in conjunction with Wednesday mens and Monday womens competitions also starting after school resumes. 



The local Sunday morning junior fun activities will commence for 2020 towards the end of February.

The Riverina first junior development tourney will be held at Wagga on 1st Feb. The Hay junior tourney is listed for the 5th April with Deniliquin this year hosting their first tourney for many years being conducted on the 8th March.

This week the Hay Clubs third holiday tennis camp is being held and next week again for the three mornings is the final camp organised by Stuart Callaghan


Weekly Awards

The first of the Foodworks, Crightons Rural and AgFlite awards for the year go to our Friday night mixed finalists Katie Arandt, Jensen Hargreaves, Delilah Crighton and Ferg Cattanach for their great play and sportsmanship


 22 Dec


Junior Tennis camps



The Hay Tennis Club organised by Stuart Callaghan is conducting four junior tennis  camps over January.


Each camp goes for three consecutive days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings with the first camp successfully held last week

Next weeks bookings are currently being taken by Stuart.


Shepparton Tourney

Well done to Jensen and Hilton Hargreaves who played very well at the  strong Shepparton tourney held last week. The tournament was again well run by Steve Longworth.


Country week Victoria

Anthony Slattery is again busily organising two teams representing Hay in the popular Victorian Country Championships to be played 10th – 14th February.


 22 Dec


Tennis Finals Results


A number of night competition finals were completed last week and results were as follows


Monday Night Womens competition

A grade-Lani Houston consultant (Sophie Curtis/Lani Houston) def XTRA Shot (Elle Jamieson/Bronwyn Hicks) 9/6

A Res – Hay Jewellers (Yvonne Mack/Sue Hanna) def Eddies Concreting ( Jan Zambon/Anne McNally/ 9/6

B  res –final to be played between Pynors Accountants and Meggs Grain Handlers

C grade – Bidgee Bobcat and Demo (Hannah Stewart/Daniel Green) def IGA ( Annie Summers /Sienna Lund) 8/5


Wednesday Night mens

A grade –final to be played between Lugsdin Toyota and XTRA Shot

A Res -  Hay Shire ( David Webb/Mark O’Brien ) def Mystery Team ( Tom Porter/Geoff Chapman) 6/4 6/4


Friday Mied

Final to be played between Arandts Automotive (Katie Arandt/Jensen Hargreaves) and HHS Green (Del Crighton/ Ferg Cattanach)



The last of our Sunday morning sessions was held on Sunday 22nd with the players enjoying their xmas treat and good spirited play.


Stuart Callaghan will conduct four = 3 day tennis camps in the holidays – the first one starting on 7th January



16 Dec

Hay win tennis at Deniliquin


A team of 16 players travelled to Deniliquin on Saturday morning to play a similar Deni standard team of 16 to win a close match and bring home the trophy to be hopefully played for twice a year.

The day was magnificently organised by Rob Wettenhall and Hays Stuart Callaghan and played on 8 of their well carpeted like, grass courts.  In fact all their other courts were also in use conducting their local juniors final as well as heaps of players involved in their junior hotshots activities organised by many parents. The complex held a top atmosphere with about 80 juniors of all ages playing. The morning finished with a proud Hay team displaying their trophy at the presentation and enjoying the fabulous free BBq on offer.  (note for Riverine Grazier--- the Deniliquin Paper was forwarding photos to you)

Sunday morning activities were well attended, and this weekend – Sunday 22nd Dec. our final day for the year will have a xmas spirit and played at the normal  9am and 10am start times and hopefully finalise the under 11 girls final.

There will be no Wedneday night competition.



The last of all our night competition rounds were played last week . Only two lots of four matches were played in the mixed competition with 11 teams receiving byes, and some close and long matches were proudly played with the bbq a sell - out.  The well - deserved finalists HHS Green(Del Crighton and Ferg Cattanach) will play a final against Arandts Automotives (Katie Arandt and Jensen Hargreaves)scheduled 7pm Wed Night (tonight).

Monday Night women’s this week only has the 4 finals scheduled and already one has been postponed.

Two men’s finals have been planned for 8pm.tonight with all four matches last week o so close. Winners were Hay Shire, Lugsdin Toyota, Hay Newsagency and XTRA Shot.




9th Dec

Warren Hunt Tennis President


The Hay tennis Club held its Annual

 General Meeting on the weekend where it saw its popular president Warren Hunt re-elected In his report Warren mentioned the great support the club receives particularly from Hay Shire Council as well as many others contributing to another good membership of 250 enjoying many types of tennis activities for the whole year.


Night Comps

Bad weather has again cancelled some nights play with next week likely to be the last round with details on the web



After a period of 5 years a Hay junior team will travel to Deniliquin on Saturday morning to play on their grass courts against a Deniliquin team.

This promises to be a great opportunity for most Hay players playing their first competition against a similar opposition





2Dec                                                                                                                 Tennis results


Monday night produced another draw 4/6 6/4 the same scores as IGAs Annie Summers and Sienna Lunds last week’s result this time against the Bidgee Motor Inns team of Telesa Cooper and Georgia Booth in the B Res/ C grade

Closest in the A/B grade was Elle Jamiesons XTRA Shot teams 6/2 4/6 against Immy Molloy and Terese Mirabelli Japps team 6/2 4/6


In Wednesday night play an adjustment was necessary to the draw with Radio 2 Hay FM receiving a bye with Lugsdin Toyota of Steve Longworth and Warren Hunt having the closest win 5/7 7/2 against the Mystery team with Brett Hargreaves going well. Other winners were Hay Shire, Slats Fireworks with Tim Zambon playing nice tennis and Auscott.


Friday mixed was played in terrible windy conditions with Mick Cattanachs Rokeby having the closest match with the Mystery team . The other close  match was the Di Crightons , Crightons Cranes team against the O’Briens Fertilisers team this  week comprising Hannah and Daniel Stewart. There will be a general bye for all teams  this Friday.

Full details of all competitions are available on the Clubs Website.



Junior Wednesday afternoon play saw some nice tennis with good shots noticed by Max Hutchings and good to see high schoolers involved.

The Under 11s annual club championships will be finalised at Sunday morning activities with full results advised next week








25 November


Night tennis Competitions past halfway mark


Tennis competitions are now on the home track before coming to a close with Christmas around the corner.


Monday nights womens best match was in the B Res/C grade group with The Services Club and Fitness Centre team of Tania and Matilda Nisbet having a draw 6/4 4/6 one set each way to the IGA team of Annie Summers and Sienna Lund.  Best in the A/B grade group was the Lani Houston Consulting team 6/3 6/3 win against Eddies Concreting.


The Wednesday night has another three teams now comprising 12 teams in the A/B grade, following year 12 exams finishing. The Bidgee Motor Inn team with Immy Molloy returning lost a brilliant match 7/6 7/3 to the XTra Shot team. The other new team of Hannah Stewart and Jock Crighton for Slats Fireworks narrowly lost 7/3 7/5 to Massey Ferguson.The closest match was the draw 7/4 4/7 to the Hay Shire and Lugsdin Toyota teams. The other new team with Lani Houston at the helm just lost 6/7 7/3 to Radio 2HayFM


The Friday social mixed competition again had all the courts utilised with a total 14 matches. The Hay High green team of Delilah Crighton and Ferg  Cattanach lead the competition. Points and full details of all the night competitions are on the club’s website.



 The annual under 11s club Championships commenced last week with play advancing to the finals stage to be held this coming Sunday 1st Dec at 9.30 girls and 10 am boys in conjunction with Sunday morning activities. Great effort with the 10 players competing. The following Sunday on the 8th Dec the AGM will be held straight after junior tennis at 11am.

Saturday Morning 14th Dec will be a juniors match in Deniliquin.

Wednesday juniors competition organised by Stuart, displayed some good rallies.


Weekly awards

The weekly Foodworks, Crightons Rural and Agflite awards go to new Friday night players who have played little tennis if any at all  and have improved in a few weeks play these being Daisy Barnes, Asha Watkin , Charly Sloan and Angus Gardiner


18 November


Night tennis competitions proceeding well


A competitive yet pleasant atmosphere is evident in all the current night competitions being played at the moment particularly last week with nice weather.


Friday night mixed competition again utilised all the courts despite 5 teams getting byes and further teams entering. The singles competition has now been abandoned with last weeks scheduled match won by Warren Hunt.  Two mixed teams remain unbeaten after 4 matches (2 matches per night)- these being the HHS Green team of Ferg Cattanach and Delilah Crighton and Arandts Automotive comprising Katie Arandt and Jensen Hargreaves.

The match of the round was the Jake Murphy Electrical team of Laura and Tim Zambon winning 7/5 against the Rokeby team of Thomas Mc Gufficke and Anna Cattanach with great play by all players despite not having played for some years.


The womens competition now has an additional three teams. The match of the round was in the combined A and B grade which saw Eddies Concreting team of Anne McNally and Jan Zambon winning 6/4 6/5 against Elders.  Other wins in this grade went to XTRA Shot and Hay Jewellers. The closest in the B Res C grade group was the Bidgee Bobcat and Demo team of Hannah Stewart and Daniel Green winning 6/5 6/3 against the IGA team with other wins to Slats Fireworks, Riverine Grazier, Les’Mobile Repairs and Pynors Accountants.


The mens results this week saw the Mystery team of Geoff Chapman and Tom Porter narrowly beating Hay Shire 6/7 7/3 with Massey Ferguson and XTRA Shot winning the other two matches.



A good roll up competed in four matches over three grades in the Wed night competition. The Lani Houston Consulting team of Navieen Singh and Sophie Curtis won 7/6 against Japps .  The Woodpark Poll team with Siena Lund going well won 10-5 against Slats Fireworks, North East Insurance of Max Booth and Daniel Green won 11-9 against Wooloondool and Eddies Concreting consisting of Charli Giddins and Emma Curtis beat the Hay Services Club 13-7


Well done to Ryan Curtis and Tilly Weeks trying out for the Wilcannia Forbes Diocesan team played in Dubbo last week .  Tilly made the team with Ryan likely to be standby reserve to make the long trek to Lismore for the Polding Area championship.


This Sunday depending on numbers available is a reminder we will hold our under 11s club championships at 11am. Entries to Stuart or Tony. Well done to Bailey Neill, Abbey Liddington-Denehey and Katie Black for some good hitting on the weekend.


Stuart has organised a junior match on the Deniliquin lawn courts on Saturday 14th December – those interested to let Stu know.




11 November


Bad Weather cancels two tennis nights play



Only the mens competition on Wednesday night was held during the week with the Monday womens (rain) and Friday mixed (miserably cold and windy)both called off.


The mens competition saw another three great matches with some new players taking to the courts.  The Hay Shire with David Webb playing his first Hay game and partnering Mark O’Brien after taking the first set with a comfortable 7/1 just hung on to win the second 7/6 when Andrew Low (a welcome return to the courts) got his partnership together with Alex Downes.  Jock Crighton played a magnificent game as substitute for the Massey Ferguson team narrowly losing to XTRA Shot 7/5 7/3. The other match was of high quality with Lugsdin Toyota winning 7/4 7/6 against O’Briens Fertillisers.



The Wednesday night juniors competition continues with wins this week to Anthony Slattery Fireworks, Woodpark Poll and Japps pharmacy. Some nice play to Sienna Lund, Ryan Curtis, Dillon Green and Max Booth, with Sophie Curtis dominating the top grade. Play continues each week with team selections made at 6.30.

With time running out in the Clubs busy schedule and if there is sufficient interest, the annual juniors club championships is listed for Sunday 24th Nov. Entries to Tony or Stu in advance to gauge numbers. Last year only the under 11s age group was contested due to the difficult planning to everyones availability to play on the same day .


2020 Calendar

The Hay Tennis Clubs major fund raiser, the Community Calendar will close the birthday entries this Friday before going to the Printers – refer the advertisement in this week’s Riverine Grazier.


4 November


 Great start to Mixed tennis


The Friday night mixed tennis competition commenced last week with an entry of 16 teams. The annual singles also commenced on the same night with four players involved in a round robin.

Fourteen teams played two rounds on the 7 courts (two teams received byes) with one single’s contested. The bbq, kiosk and atmosphere were very pleasant with nice weather conditions.

Sixteen years old Delilah Crighton has put in an absolute brilliant effort in organising 13 of the sixteen teams entered (with all teams players in attendance). Teams to win both their matches on the first night were Jake Murphys Electrical Laura and Tim Zambon, Rokebys Mick and Ruby Cattanach, Hay High school green team Ferg Cattanach and Delilah Crighton and Arandts Automotive Katie Arandt and Jensen Hargreaves.

Monday night women’s tennis also commenced with 18 teams playing.  The closest match went to the Bidgee Motor Inn team of Georgia Booth and Max booth narrowly winning 6/3 4/6 against the Services club team of Matilda and Tania Nisbet

Wednesday night saw three injuries in the three matches contested with players placing their bodies on the line for victory. All matches resulted in 7/4 first set victories to XTRA Shot, Hay Newsagency and O’Briens Fertilisers, before second sets were abandoned due to injuries. 

The full competition results are displayed on the website.



Eight teams in two grades commenced with the new format juniors  competition on Wednesday nights starting at 6.30 and finishing 7.45 and nice to see all courts utilised. Teams are selected each week with last weeks results as follows- A div. Wooloondool ( Dan Jamieson, Max Booth, and Navieen Singh) defeated Eddies Concreting 10 games to 9 and in B div  Lani Houston Consulting  ( Tilly Weeks and Emma Curtis) beat Japps Pharmacy  11-10  and Woodpark Poll (Alex Giddins and Daniel Green ) beat Slats Fireworks 15 -12  while best in the singles went to Sophie Curtis.


Weekly Awards

The AgFlite award goes to Delilah Crighton as mentioned above with her fabulous organising skills. The Foodworks award goes to Sam Davies for her magnificent effort in updating our website which covers all the details on the tennis club. The Crightons Rural award goes to Jack Booth who put in a top effort at Monday night tennis playing in two matches.  




28 October

                                                                                                                     Good start to Night tennis



Competition tennis commenced last week with  the Wednesday night mens A and B grade as well as the juniors grade making a very pleasant night of activities.

The Monday night womens competition involving 16 teams across three grades and  the Friday night mixed competition as well as a separate singles competition commences this week. These competitions will incorporate the club championships. All details of teams and draws are displayed on the clubs web.


The delayed Juniors final saw Eddies Concreting ( Navieen Singh and Jimmy Houston ) beat Wooloondool ( Hilton Hargreaves and Dan Jamieson) 13 games to 9.   In playoff matches the North East Insurance team of Jack Booth and Jonty Woods beat the Hay Servies team 12 -9 while the scratch team of Hannah Jamieson and Daniel Green won 12-8. All juniors including new players who can serve are asked to be at the courts at 6.30 for teams to be organised in two grades with play finishing at 7.45.

A/B grade results saw Lugsdin Toyota beat Hay Shire 7/4 7/5 , O’Briens Fertilisers drew with Auscott in a brilliant match 6/7 7/6 , and Massey Ferguson having a massive 7/4 7/1 win against Radio 2 Hay FM. Players to shine were Steve Longworth, Alex Haidy, Andrew Davies and Daniel Stewart.



Former Hay Open Winner in 2000, Costa Yiannakopoulos was on hand to assist at Sunday morning activities with players enjoying their sessions.


Congratulations to Hilton and Jensen Hargreaves as well as Tilly Weeks who qualified in their age groups and competed at the State junior development series finals held in Penrith and Springwood on the weekend. This was a great experience with Jensen managing a few wins against top opposition. These players receive this weeks  Crightons Rural , AgFlite and foodworks awards.


21 October


                      Night Tennis Competitions Start Dates        


The Monday Night womens competition will now start on the 28th October to allow for more entries to be received. 

The Friday night competition where players can enter to play either singles or mixed or both will commence on 1st November

The Wednesday night mens and junior boys competition will commence this week the23rd with all matches listed for 7.30 for A and B grade and 6.30 for the juniors. The juniors will include the delayed final from last competition where Wooloondool (Hilton Hargreaves and Dan Jamieson ) will play Eddies Concreting (Jimmy Houston and Navieen Singh)- all other juniors including new players will have matches organised.   



Just under 20 players participated in the Sunday morning activities which entailed coaching and fun games. Some nice play was noted by new attendees Bailey Neill, Chayse Mitchell and Sally Dwyer with Jonty Woods placing some good balls.  These players gained the Foodworks, Crightons Rural and AgFlite awards this week.  This coming Sunday the juniors will be treated to a surprise coach who won the Hay Open about 15 years ago. Activ Kids vouchers can be used for tennis fees or private coaching.

It’s fabulous to see all the Hay and District Primary Schools all using the courts facilities, particularly now with the current good weather temperatures.  Fingers crossed the Club will be successful in gaining another court replacing the unused old court 5 under lights.


Community Calendar

It’s that time of year again when preparations have commenced in organising the 2020 Tennis community calendar. Birthday entries are now being taken at the Tennis Courts and will be accepted up to November 17 


14 October


Open Tennis Tournament Family Atmosphere Success


Just under 70 players which included the best ever local entry of 51 adults and juniors participated in the annual tennis tournament this year with three gold sponsors North East Insurance, Wooloondool Farms and Hay Services and Fitness centre.  For the first time in many years no Australian Ranking Events were held however visitors still came from Ballarat, Albury Wodonga area, Melbourne as well as Griffith.

Steve Longworth with his computer system finished the event at Sunday lunch time. He had just returned from Sydney running the NSW Vets tourney last week and was about to start preparations for his next tourney being held in Miami USA.

Thanks to the Hargreaves family who spent two solid days on the back three courts, to bring these courts up to a rejuvenated standard so that all seven courts were of top quality. The Club is hoping by way of a grant, to convert   the unused clay court number 5 to utilise the existing wasted lighting on this court to lay a synthetic grass surface. Eight courts would be ideal for night competitions and tournaments and coaching.

Visiting players were totally impressed with the facilities and atmosphere and what stood out was the number of workers, helpers, and food and raffle donations. The round robin system assured players more matches.

Danny Dossetor-Griffiths champion player, and Natalie Rose of Melbourne dominated the main events, with former Hay junior Charlie Cronin displaying his magnificent talents.

Locals players who took out A grade  major events were Trish Mc Gufficke and Jan Zambon in the womens doubles, while in the juniors –singles as well as doubles wins went to Jensen Hargreaves, Brad Callaghan, Daniel Stewart, Skye Lilburne, Dan Jamieson, Hilton Hargreaves and Tilly Weeks.  A complete list of all results is detailed on the clubs web- tournament section.




Night competitions

Entries for the forthcoming singles doubles and mixed competitions are currently being taken with details on the web



Sunday morning resumes this week at the 9am and 10 am sessions


6 October


Sixty Five Players for tennis  


The Annual open Tennis tournament to be played on the weekend,  likely to commence for some at 6pm Friday  has attracted 65 players which includes a big number of 50 locals.

This is wonderful local support for the Clubs major fund raiser with  the majority of players playing just one or two events. This entry is a good number considering there are no Australian Ranking Points events and the tournament will be played on just its seven synthetic courts  (the four clay courts are not being used)

Most events are likely to be round robins with a few starting with  a knockout round to determine correct grading.

Any donations of slices, cakes, fruit, salad, meat would be welcome- please contact Samantha Davies or Jessica Weeks


Night comps

Congratulations to the Mens A grade team  Les’Mobile Repairs comprising  Stu Callaghan and Daniel Stewart winning the final 6/4 6/5 against the Lugsdin Toyota team of Mark O’Brien and Warren Hunt. The B grade junior final is still to be played between Wooloondool and Eddies Concreting.

Entries for the next Monday night  womens, Wednesday night mens, Friday nights singles and or mixed are now being taken with details on the web.



Congratulations to Tilly Weeks who now joins Hilton Jensen and Kenny Hargreaves as well as Sophie Curtis to contest the state junior development series finals in Springwood (Blue Mountains) following their performances in Wagga last month.

Sixteen players under the guidance of four coaches enjoyed the three day tennis camp last week . Another one is being held this week on the Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday with registrations to Stuart( see camp photos)










3 October



Entries for the Hay Open and junior tennis tournament to be played on Friday afternoon 11th through to Sunday 13th October will close Sunday of this weekend.


A good entry of 53 players which includes 35 from Hay has now been received. Most players have entered just the one or two events with many opting to play from Saturday morning.


With the Clubs 4 clay courts no longer in operation, the tournament will be conducted on its 7 synthetic grass courts and with this number of courts a successful program could be difficult if player numbers exceed 70, so the entry date deadline is important. Wagga this long weekend has attracted 170 players but has 21 synthetic grass courts (three times more courts than Hay.)


The tournament this year promises to be very social and enjoyable without having Australian Ranking events which brings some over competitive players as well as strict tennis Australia rules and regulations.


In order not to have a late ending on the Sunday, play will commence on Friday for some players who are available on this day.  For small event entries, round robins will operate to ensure players get a few matches. Some players will be regraded, and events will be combined so that all players should enjoy a fair standard game in the appropriate grade.


Tournament director Steve Longworth is in Sydney this week conducting the NSW Veterans titles


Players can enter via the website or contact Tony by Sunday.


A meeting will be held at 11am Sunday




 30 September


                  Entries for Open tennis tournament close Sunday


Entries for the annual Open/junior tennis tournament this year with major sponsors being   North East Insurance , Wooloondool Farms, and  Hay Services Club and Fitness Centre close this weekend.

Forty nine players as at Sunday night had entered which includes 32 Hay players – a great effort with the majority playing just one or two events and supporting the annual event.

A meeting will be held at 11am Sunday to gather information with the expected final number participating to work out a start time and catering requirements. Draws in draft will commence Sunday night to determine events format, seeding and general enquiries on entries of unknown grading.

Tournament director Steve Longworth will be in Sydney this weekend conducting the NSW  veterans tournament.


Night Competitions

The Monday night womens competition was finalised in three grades last week.

In A grade the Murphys Clothing Company team of Kate Murphy and Ellen Zambon  beat the Hay Jewellers team of Trish and Dan Jamieson 6/2 0/6 and tiebreaker decider 7 points to 4

B grade saw Yvonne Mack and Kirsten Hutchings win 6/5 6/4 against Stacey and Harriet Lugsdin of Lugsdin Toyota and in C grade the XTra Shot team of Max Booth and Kirsten Hutchings won 6/2 6/2 against the Auscott team of Warren Hunt and Tilly Weeks.


In this week’s mens play only three matches have been scheduled, the A grade final and the B grade juniors final and playoff.  The full draw inviting all players for a practice hit for the open tourney will be displayed Tuesday.



Congratulations to Hilton Hargreaves selected in the South West NSW 10s yrs team to play the state championships at Cessnock in October.

Well done to all the players who had an enjoyable time at Sunday morning tennis with no play for the next two weeks.

This week will see the first of two tennis camps being run by Stuart Callaghan.  


Weekly Awards

This week’s Crightons Rural Award, AgFlite award and Foodworks awards go to our Monday night  women’s teams winners as well as Hilton Hargreaves for his Regional selection.



23 September


                                               Night Tennis to Finals


Both the Women’s and Men’s competitions finals in all grades are scheduled this week.


Last week’s miserable wet conditions forced the cancellation of the womens night with no changes to the points table in determining the three grades finalists. Also one play-off match is listed.


Last week’s men’s round saw a number of byes with only four matches listed in the A-B grade.

Results were XTRA- Shot beat Auscott 6/5 6/4, Les,s Mobile Repairs beat Lani Houston Consulting 6/2 6/1,  Bidgee Motor Inn lost to  Slats Fireworks 6/5 3/4 the second set not finished due to the  maximum time limit and Radio 2 HayFM beat O’Briens Fertilisers 6/3 5/6 . Singles only was played in the junior’s section with 7 players competing with Ryan Curtis having his first game after a break and getting a 4/2 win first up.  This week’s finals will see Les,s Mobile Repairs take on Lugsdin Toyota while Wooloondool will play Eddies Concreting in the B grade and there will be play-off matches for other teams.


Further Monday and Wednesday night team’s doubles competitions will be run after the school holidays while a men’s and women’s singles as well as mixed doubles will be held on Friday nights with players having the choice of playing singles or mixed or both. Entries are now being taken.



Congratulations to Sophie Curtis a member of the 9 players Riverina High School girl’s tennis team who came runner up in the state championships in Inverell last week. We cannot recall if a Riverina girl’s team has ever performed so well only losing to the strong North Coast region team after beating every other NSW region including the strong Sydney Metrop teams. Sophie takes out this week’s weekly awards.


Sunday morning will continue this Sunday 29th Sept at the 9am and 10am sessions and then will have a two week break as per the listed timetable.

Meanwhile registrations are now being taken for the two coaching camps each being held on the Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday mornings for a number of hours with details on the web this week.- Phone Stuart 0413083386


Open Tourney

A well attended meeting on the weekend saw preparations  in hand for the tourney to be played Oct 11=13 with 25 player entries now received. A number of important issues were resolved, one being that maybe no play will be scheduled on the Friday  depending on entries received.





 16 September                                                                                                     

 Night Tennis Competitions close to Finals


This will be the last week of competition for both the women’s and men’s competitions before the scheduled finals next week prior to the school holidays. 


This week in the men’s B grade division there will be no doubles instead three tie breaker singles matches for good tourney practice. Men’s A grade team doubles will continue with the closest last week going to Lugsdin Toyota 6/3 4/6 against Slats Fireworks containing Nick Robertson and Anthony Slattery.  Another close one was Radio 2 HayFm winning 5/6 6/3 against Lani Houston Consulting of Geoff Chapman and Lani Houston


Closest in the Women’s round was the Bidgee Bobcat and Demo teams 6/2 3/6 against Japp’s Pharmacy comprising Anne McNally and Jan Zambon



Jenson Hargreaves had a good tennis week playing for the Riverina High School boys team in the state competition at Wollongong  with Sophie Curtis travelling to Inverell this week as a member  of the girls team.


Stu Callaghan will organise two coaching schools over the school holidays with details to follow.


Sunday morning junior activities continues this week (Sunday 22nd) at the 9am and 10am sessions


Open Tourney

This week’s report advises we are up to 20 player entries (14 locals) for the tourney to be played Oct 11-13 and will close in three week’s time. Local players are encouraged  to enter now  and this shows visitors that we have in fact good numbers playing and this in turn attracts more players. Even if locals only wish to enter one event on one day, this will be good support for our tournament and town as we need about 55 players to make it viable and continue with the tournament next year. Seventy players will be a good number for our seven courts as we will not be using the four clay courts.

Thanks to Warren Hunt for shifting the excess sand off the back three courts making them more playable and profits from our tourney will go towards eventually resurfacing these.

A meeting will be held at 11am on Sunday after junior tennis.





 September 9


Hay Jewellers, Lugsdin Toyota and Meggs Transport leaders in Womens  Night tennis



The Womens night tennis competition after five rounds has now clear leaders in each grade.

Trish Jamiesons Hay Jewellers has become outright leader in A grade after its 6/4 6/5 win against Murphys Clothing last week.  Despite losing a 6/3 5/6 match to Japps pharmacy the Lugsdin Toyota team of Harriet and Stacey Lugsdin lead B grade while Meggs Transport with young Dillon Green in the team is well ahead in the  C grade.


The mens competition in two grades involving 18 teams is proceeding well with some great play seen last week.

The B grade juniors division involving 5 teams continues with great enthusiasm by the youngsters. This group plays one doubles set as well as a singles set with good practice for the annual open tournament with wins last week to Wooloondool and Eddies Concreting.  Jimmy Houston and Dan Jamieson continue their unbeaten run.  Only three matches were played in the A grade with wins to Les’’ Mobile Repairs who are well ahead in the competition,  Anthony Hydes Plumbing and Xtra Shot.



There will be no play in this weeks Sunday morning junior activities with the Hay Show on.


Open Tourney

This weeks report advises there are now 15 entries for the tourney to be held on Oct 11-13.

Despite Tennis NSW approval, sadly the Hay tourney is not listed on the NSW tennis calendar as it doesn’t offer Australian ranking points so good advertising by all involved around the region is necessary. Further details regarding entries received and grades are detailed on the Clubs web- tournament section.  A meeting must be held soon with anyone interested invited to attend.



September 2


New Major Sponsors for Tennis


The Annual Hay Open and Junior Tennis Tournament this year has a new major Sponsor in North East Insurance Brokers who joins Wooloondool Farms as a major sponsor for the 2019/20 year. The Tournament this year will be held Friday arvo/evening Oct 11 (optional) and Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th

The Hay Services Club and Fitness centre also joins this year as a main sponsor, with Silver sponsors being Auscott, Lugsdin Toyota and Anthony Slattery Fireworks with the Club very appreciative to these businesses. The Bidgee Motor Inn is the accommodation sponsor with the full list displayed at the clubhouse.

Entries close in four weeks on October 6, by going to the tournament section on the Hay tennis Website or grab an entry form at the club.

The entry form details all the events offered from A grade to C grade, juniors, veterans as well as parent/child

The tournament returns this year after not being played last year due to key personnel away, when instead a gala day was held. However, this year despite the tournament still a NSW Sanctioned Tourney, will not hold the Australian Ranking Points events but still hoping to get more local and regional players participating.

An entry of 70 players would be a good target to be played on the 7 synthetic courts with the 4 clay courts not being used.  Already 10 players entries have been received as per the web details.


Meanwhile local night competitions continue with new entries joining in due to the better weather. Monday night winners across all grades were XTra Shot, Massey Ferguson, Hay Jewellers, Woodpark Poll, Meggs Grain Fertilisers, and IGA with the closest match going to Auscott comprising Warren Hunt and Tilly Weeks 4/6 6/3 win over Lani Houston Consulting.

Mens results wins went to Eddies Concreting, Hay Services Club, Lani Houston Consulting, Lugsdin Toyota, Slats Fireworks, and Elders with the closest win going to Les’s Mobile repairs 6/4 6/5 against XTra Shot.


A small number of 12 players enjoyed the Fathers Day Sunday morning junior activities in good weather on the weekend.

Ashton Green gets the Foodworks award for some good shots, Charli Giddins the AgFlite Award and Dillon Green the Crightons Rural award for good play at Sunday morning juniors as well as night competition.




  August 26


 Hay Juniors win Riverina tennis Finals


The Junior Development Series South West NSW region finals were played in Wagga on Sunday with the five Hay juniors participating all going well.

Sophie Curtis, Jensen and Kenny Hargreaves all won their age groups along with Hilton Hargreaves 3rd in his group all qualified  to play in  the NSW State closed titles in Sydney later on this year. Tilly Weeks just missed out  and possibly will get a wildcard to Sydney.

Another Sunday morning junior tennis day was successfully held on Sunday with some nice shots and good fun games held.


The annual Hay Open and Junior tennis tourney this year will be held 11th (optional) 12th and 13th October with full details of the tournament to be advised next week.


The annual singles competition will now commence after the school holidays.


A top round of both mens and womens competition matches was held last week

The closest of the mens matches was the Xtra Shot team winning 6/5 6/4 against Slats Fireworks –Anthony Slattery and Nick Robertson. Two tough B grade matches saw Eddies Concreting just beating North East Insurance and Wooloondool beating Hay Services Club with best results to Jonty Woods and Kirsten Hutchings. Other winners were Les Mobile Repairs, Auscott, O’Briens Fertilisers, 92Computing and Radio 2HayFM

Two identical 2/6 6/1 scores were won by Bidgee Bobcat and Demo and Murphys Clothing Co. Other winners were Pynors Accountants, Meggs Transport, Massey Ferguson, Lani Houston Consulting and IGA. Best play went to Yvonne Mack and Teresa Mirabelli.


The Foodworks, AgFlite and Crightons awards this week go to the  juniors success in Wagga.




August 19


Annual Tennis Singles Play on Fridays


With time running out, the annual singles this year will be held on Friday nights commencing Sept 6th to run for about 4 weeks.  This will allow the current enjoyable womens and mens competitions which have good entries to continue a bit longer.


Last week saw the long awaited delayed autumn A grade womens final  played and this turned out to be a nail biter in a high standard match won by the Massey Ferguson team of Julie Lawrence and Paula Comb the score being 6/3 5/6 making a tiebreaker necessary resulting in 7 points to 5  against the AgFlite team of Trish McGufficke and Lou Gardam .

Current competition matches were also played with wins to Auscott, Hay Jewellers, Murphys Clothing Co, Japps Pharmacy with the closest match going to Lani Houston Consulting team of Archie and Lani Houston 6/1 5/6 against the Hay Newsagency team of Anna Lilburne and Sue Parslow


Another top round of mens competition matches was held on Wednesday night. There was a draw between the 92Computing team of Steve Longworth and Scott Dixon 3/6 6/3 against the XTra Shot team of Kenny and Jensen Hargreaves.  Les,s Mobile Repairs team of Stu Callaghan and Daniel Stewart continue their unbeaten run following their 4/6 6/1 win against Radio 2Hay FM. A very close match resulted in the O’Briens fertilisers team led by Shane McGufficke winning 6/4 5/6 against Slats fireworks. Other wins went to North East Insurance Brokers, Lugsdin Toyota and Anthony Hyde Plumbing.



A pleasant day at Sunday morning activities saw Jonty Woods voted the most improved.

A coaching school will be held in the school holidays with further details to follow        


August 12


Tennis Competitions underway


A great start was made to the new womens and mens competitions. Many teams  received first week byes , with new team entries still being accepted.


In the womens competition the match of the round was the draw 6/3 3/6 between Jan Zambons, Japps Pharmacy team, partnering Anne Mc Nally against The Murphys Clothing team Ellen Zambon with Kate Murphy ( the mother against daughter didnt cause any arguments).  Other winners on the night went to Auscott, Bidgee Bobcat and Demo, Slats Fireworks as well as the Lugsdin Toyota team of Stacey and Harriet Lugsdin having a good standard win against IGA comprising Yvonne Mack partnering Yolanda Miller making a welcoming return to the courts . This match a real mother daughter combinations clash with a 6/2 6/3 score.


The mens competition wins were recorded by Eddies Concreting, , Les’s Mobile Repairs and lugsdin Toyota as well as Anthony Hydes Plumbing who had a marathon one and a half hour 6/3 5/6  win against Elders.    



Sunday morning activities were called off due to the miserable weather conditions but will continue on the weekend commencing at 9am.



Weekly Award

The Foodworks award goes to Alice Laracy called in to play as an emergency at the last minute and played so well in the A grade match. The AgFlite and Crightons awards went to the four players who put in a top performance on Wednesday night –these being Bede Schiller, Tom Porter, Peter Davies and Paula Comb.


August 4


Tennis recommences


Organised local night competitions commence this week following a two month winter break.

All details for both the womens and mens nights are detailed on the clubs website advising team entries and draws. Entries are down but are sure to pick up when the temperature gets better so late entries will still be accepted.  At this stage there are 17 womens teams and 12 mens teams.


Sunday morning activities also returned after a lengthy break with only a handful attending but enjoyed both the tennis and sunshine.


Congratulations to those hay juniors who finished in the top 8 on points of their age group following the series of Junior Development tourneys played throughout the Riverina this year.  These players will likely contest the finals being held this year again in Wagga on Sunday 11th August . Good luck to those players who have so far received their invitation to participate.


July 29


Tennis commences  starting on the weekend


Night Tennis competitions commence from Monday night 5th August Womens and 7th August Mens. Players should check the website to see if their entry is listed with entries closing 4th August for the womens and the draw appearing the following day.


Annual memberships are now due with the one month grace period expiring on 31/7/19. The new financial year has brought in a good membership response with non members rates now taking effect.



Junior Sunday morning restarts this coming weekend on Sunday morning 4th August at the new session times of 9am and 10am

Activ Kids vouchers can be used for tennis memberships, weekly fees, or tennis coaching.

All juniors receiving coaching must be club members. Membership forms and payments can be made online or at the clubhouse.

Stuart Callaghan also joins the Sunday morning junior activities.


A number of Hay juniors attended the last Regional Junior Development tourney for the year at West Wyalong on Sunday with Tilly Weeks having a successful day in the 10yrs group and after competing in three previous tourneys has now won her first, a great effort joining a number of other Hay players who have won tourneys this year.


July 22


 Night  tennis Competitions


The delayed  Autumn Womens finals in four grades will be played Monday 29th July with all other team entries for the new spring competition receiving byes.

The finals time schedule will be –

5.45pm       B Res –    IGA   ( K.Hutchings & M.Booth)    v    Elders  (T & H. Jamieson)

          C Grade- Hydes Plumbing  (W.Hunt & E.Curtis) v Hills Corner Store  ( R. Johnston & M.Deacon)


7.15pm  A Grade HBGC   (J.Weeks & J. Lawrence)     v    AgFlite   ( L.Gardam,T. McGufficke, B.Schiller)

           B Res   - Pynors (K.Hutchings & J.Booth )  v  Bidgee Bobcat &Demo (L.Houston & I.Wilson)


The mens competition including the juniors competition will now commence 7th August  with details of the competitions on the web.



 Stuart Callaghan is back in town and will commence coaching for juniors and adults. Full details of all our coaches are available on our web site.


July 15


Tennis Entries now Open


Entries are now being taken for the new womens and mens night tennis teams competitions to commence from the week of 29th July. The four postponed womens finals from the last competition will also be held on this night.



The school holiday coaching clinic will now be held in the Sept /Oct school holidays before The Hay Open Tournament.

Sunday Morning junior tennis sessions will recommence on August 4



Early plans are underway to convert the clay court 5  ( which has lighting) to  synthetic  surface.  Currently this court is not being used due to the work and cost.



July 8 


Good day-tennis courts usage



Despite no night tennis being held in our winter break, the courts are getting a good workout during the day.

Some days have been very pleasant attracting court hire from both locals and visitors. Some locals are taking advantage of their green pass court hire entitlement this year with many participating thanks to the organisation of Lou Gardam and Beth Schiller and other keen players. These people win the Foodworks, AgFlite and Crighton’s Rural weekly awards.

Our coaches are also getting plenty of business with Lani likely to be running a coaching school in the second week of the school holidays with enquiries to lani.


Visiting player’s the majority just passing through town are impressed with the Hay Tennis Clubs facilities. The main synthetic courts are looking good and special thanks again goes to the Hay Shire for their assistance particularly for the huge financial loan to the Tennis Club to help pay the courts resurfacing. This loan has now recently been repaid and plans are in motion to lay a synthetic court to number 5 clay court to utilise the lighting to this existing clay court.





July 1 


Jensen Hargreaves and Sophie Curtis selected for Riverina Tennis



The High Schools Riverina region held their selection trials in Wagga last week with year 7 students Jensen Hargreaves and Sophie Curtis both being selected for the boys and girls team’s . The other Hay student to attend the trials was Ind yanna Wilson who has been named as a substitute for the girl’s team. This is a great effort for the Hay War Memorial High School in gaining these selections. Kenny Hargreaves has played in the boy’s team for the past two years but was unavailable this year. The state boy’s carnival will be held in Wollongong, with the girls in Inverell both in September.


Meanwhile Hay players had success at the Temora Development tourney on the weekend with Hilton and Jensen Hargreaves and Tilly Weeks bringing home trophies while Charli Giddins played well missing out on a first or second spot.


All these juniors win the Foodworks, Crightons Rural and AgFlite awards this week


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